Viewers detonate Ana Paula Padrão after the presenter says that goat is a ‘hungry dish’

Viewers of “MasterChef Brasil” were shocked by a placement by Ana Paula Padrão, the reality’s presenter. In last Tuesday’s (07) episode, Ana Paula explained the use of goat meat to comedian Rafael Cortez, but it left many internet users angry with the speech.

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“In the interior of Pernambuco, for example, it is a very common dish because it is a hunger dish. It’s a dish for someone who has very little”, said Ana, who had the support of the judges. After the negative repercussion, the presenter used social media to apologize. “When Rafael Cortez said the meat was inedible, I told him: ‘You don’t know what you’re missing.’ Not everything we record goes on air. I’m here to apologize, very humbly,” he said. “The sentence that was aired does not reflect what I obviously think, everything I’ve studied in the region, nor my history and MasterChef’s. I’m sorry, I really think, there it seemed very prejudiced”, concluded Ana.

Internet users did not leave it cheap. “What a prejudiced comment by Ana Paula Padrão when saying that northeastern people eat goat meat because they are hungry, they should know more before making these types of comments. Shame on comments in this way against the people of the Northeast”, said Rafael Lima. “Ana Paula Padrão saying that goats are a hunger dish. The height of prejudice and ignorance. Goat meat is widely consumed here in the Northeast, not because we’re starving, but because it’s really good,” said another Twitter user.

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