Virginia Fonseca and Pedro Rezende fight in court for breach of contract; See now

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This week, the columnLeo Days” revealed that Virginia Phonseca digital influencer, Peter Rezende youtuber and digital influencer, have been fighting in court since the beginning of the year for a breach of contract. Therefore, follow details of the case this Wednesday, September 8, the case of Virginia who decided to follow a new path in her professional career after the end of their relationship.

His followers commented about it.From what the lawyer said, the company should receive the stipulated amount for breach of contract regardless of Virginia’s lawsuit in the labor court. According to the lawyer’s speech, ADR is more likely to take this one.” “There must be a lot of money involved, but in the matter it is not clear, who has more chances of winning is not”.

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Virginia Fonseca shows off new car

Last Monday (6), Virginia Fonseca posted on your channel of Youtube the new car that was bought by the couple, a Jaguar F-Pace and the initial value was 478,000. “I don’t really care about the car. This was out of necessity. The family just grew. In a few days we will have to buy a bus”. said Ze Felipe

“Here at home we have two cars, which belong to my mother. We needed another one because my mother has to go to the hospital, the other goes shopping, and I or Zé Felipe were left without a car”. said Virginia

The influencer showed the car inside and her followers were happy for the new achievement of the couple. “I LOVE TO SEE THEM CONQUERING THEIR THINGS, all with a lot of effort!!! “This is not a car, it’s a boing in the shape of a car,I LOVED SEEING YOU DRIVING VI, I was already thinking I didn’t have a license”. “FIRST TIME I SEE VIRGINIA DRIVING, VERY BEAUTIFUL CONGRATULATIONS”.

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