Volkswagen reveals ID. Life, Your Future Popular Priced Electric Car

In Brazil, the Volkswagen will bet on Ethanol as Fuel for Car Electrification. However, while the brand plans the hybrid flex system for its national models, abroad, electrification is advancing strongly. In the city of Munich – which is the stage for the German Motor Show (IAA 2021), which was based in Frankfurt -, the brand presented the ID life. In short, this is its future popular electric car, which will hit the market in 2025 with the promise of an affordable price.

In the last century, the Beetle was born (under the name Beetle) by the hands of Ferdinand Porsche to be the “People’s Car”. For the ID. Life, four years from now, will be born with the same concept. The idea, after all, is to make “electric mobility accessible to even more people”, defends the CEO of the German automaker, Ralf Brandstätter.


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The similarities, however, stop there. During the event, the executive defended that the newcomer will belong to a segment of small cars that will cost approximately 20 thousand euros. The value, therefore, is equivalent to R$ 122.5 thousand in direct conversion. In other words, nothing that compares to the 990 marks charged by the first Volkswagen Beetles, from 1935.

Volkswagen electric

As well as the correction and replacement of the currency around the world, today, the technology is also different. If the Beetle was equipped with an air-cooled rear engine and a four-speed automatic transmission, the ID. Life bets heavily on technology to keep up with current reality.


The 21st century trolley has a front electric motor with 172 kW of power, the equivalent of 234 hp. In practice, it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds – it’s almost as fast as a Golf GTI. Also according to information from VW, the maximum autonomy of high voltage batteries and 57 kWh is 400 km. Traction is only forward.

In place of the Polo, but with an innovative concept

With a totally clean look, the electric compact should replace the Polo outside. Here in Brazil, however, it may be the gateway for the brand’s trams. Just like the Fiat just did with the 500e.

But Volkswagen doesn’t just want to have an affordable tram to call its own. The thing is to revolutionize. Therefore, the brand wants to conquer the younger consumer. “Tomorrow’s customer won’t just want to go from point A to point B. They want new experiences.” In this sense, the ID. Life – built on VW’s renowned modular electrical platform (MEB) – comes full of current solutions.


Highlight for the digital monitor that is projected on the panel, forming a real cinema – even with fully folding seats. In addition, it can become a game center (it has video games), surfaces with recyclable materials, a roof (removable) in special fabric, a steering wheel inspired by airplanes and, finally, mirrors (internal and external) replaced by cameras. Want another similarity to the Volkswagen Beetle? It has a front trunk.

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