Web criticizes Rodrigo Carelli’s choice for the cast of A Fazenda 13

The program Hoje em Dia, by Record, this Thursday (9/9) had a special broadcast and was hit on Trending Topics (TTs) Brazil on Twitter. In the afternoon, the participation of the presenter Adriane Galisteu and the director Rodrigo Carelli to reveal, live and with the presence of journalists, seven of the 20 names that are already on the list of pedestrians of A Fazenda 13, which debuts on September 14th. While the attraction was happening live on TV and social networks, the audience, attentive, commented on the list on the web.

The names, already revealed by the Leo Dias column, divided opinions. The seven who already have a foot in the rural reality are: actor Victor Percoraro; the actor Mussunzinho; digital influencer Liziane Gutierrez; the singer Nego do Borel; funk artist Tati Quebra Barraco; the ex-BBB and ex-No Limite Arcrebiano, Bill and Safadão’s ex, Mileide Mihaile.

Victor Percoraro was the first name announced on the program. “He’s the one who used to do the Aventuras de Poliana”, said João Augusto. “I never saw it”, commented Fernanda Lopes. “He looks like a Bill,” said Blanka Hue. “Will it be like the BBB, with anonymous and famous?”, asked Raul Vieira. “It looks like a plant,” said Dalila Angelis. “First eliminated”, believed Felipe Lopes. “Afonso de Poliana”, amended Uivyson Rocha. “Bill and Mariano mix”, joked Daiane.

Then it was Mussunzinho’s turn to be announced. “It looks like a plant,” said Talia Santos. “I didn’t like it,” complained Blanka Hue. “He is wonderful”, praised Hemylly Freitas. “Eeeeee… Mussunzinho”, celebrated Nega Olveira. “Little plant,” needled Shirley Banze. “He’s going to be the good guy in the edition”, said Leonardo Silva.

Liziane Gutierrez, the third name revealed, doesn’t seem to please the majority. “We already have guaranteed shacks,” said Marcus Vinicius. “Geez, I love shacks!”, commented Nega Oliveira. “I’ve never heard of this woman,” said Sany Sani. “I love The Farm!” said Inácio Barbosa.

One of the most anticipated names, Nego do Borel received both praise and criticism. “Now, a big name!”, celebrated Cortes Loucos podcast. “Coming bullshit,” said Simone Cruz. “Nego do Borel champion”, announced Fank Camilo. “Can you eliminate it now?”, Leonardo Silva complained. “It’s going to flop”, said Francisco Gabriel. “He entered hated, like Biel”, dusse Patin. “Nego champion”, highlighted Danni R.

Tati Quebra Barraco also surprised a lot of people. “I don’t like it, but the teat is guaranteed,” said Symon Cruz. “I pretended to be surprised,” said Quécio Souza. “Tati eliminated”, pointed out Frank Camilo. “Winner”, declared Lucas Menezes. “Such a legend”, celebrated Murilo Ramos. “He’s going to spit in Nego’s face,” pointed out Lucas Menezes. “I want a shack every day”, declared Jonas F.

The ex-BBB Arcrebiano, Bill, is also in the new edition of A Fazenda. “Out, Bill,” said Matheus Cardoso. “It’s going to be a plant, unfortunately,” said Antônio Carvalho. “Record loves to get the rest of Globo”, pointed out Marcos Andrade. “Team Bill”, celebrated Uivyson Rocha. “I like him”, Ana Rangel melted. “Is Karol going to eat it?”, joked Salete A. “Yummy”, confessed Leda Dantas. “Nobody deserves it,” said Renata Ferreira. “Beautiful smile”, praised Paula Ferreira Rodrigues. “Again?” asks Marcelo Gabriel.

Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife, Mileide Mihaile, is also at A Fazenda 13 and closed the list of pawns revealed in Hoje em Dia. “Queen”, declared Rafal Salinas. “Jé lost”, pointed out Raiane Vitória. “I love it too much”, declared Ana Cristina Santos. “She’s wonderful, hardworking,” said Salete A. “Wow, people!”, Sara Proença said. “I found it a bit unfriendly,” said Gabriel Gaelea. “I didn’t like anyone,” said Marcelly Novaes.

Tik Tok Magazine

Entitled Paiol Tik Tok, this area of ​​the headquarters of Itapecerica da Serra will confine four famous people from social networks: Sthefane Matos, Mah Tavares, Krawk and Alisson Jordan, but only one will debut as a member of the official cast of the reality show. And how will this happen? The public of A Fazenda will accompany them for 7 days, and will vote for their favorite pawn to win the chance to compete for R$1.5 million. There will not be two new participants as announced before, but only one.

The surprise doesn’t stop there. The 20 famous already confined will not know anything about this scheme of the program. The Tik Tok chosen will appear by surprise, in the middle of the attraction’s first party, and make the announcement to his fellow gamers. It is also happening behind the scenes that this famous man will come to the dispute with immunity during the formation of the first garden.