what will happen when Joseph arrives in Egypt

The trajectory of the young man who is sold into slavery, but ends up as governor of Egypt, recently began to be addressed in Record TV’s biblical booklet. There is still a long way to go for Joseph in the novel Genesis. In the next chapters he will arrive in Egypt and the DCI will already tell you what will happen there.

What will happen to Joseph in the next chapters of the Genesis novel

When he arrives in Egypt, José (Juliano Laham) is bought by Potiphar, role of Val Perré, the general in the army of Pharaoh Sheshi (Fernando Pavão). Potiphar is a respected man locally and soon comes to trust José, who is smart and hardworking.

However, the future of Joseph in the novel Genesis will have tortuous moments. Juliano Laham’s character goes to work in Potiphar’s house and ends up arousing the eyes and desires of the general’s wife, Neferíades (Dandara Albuquerque).

The woman hits on José and tries to take him to bed. Jacob’s son does not relent, but is accused of having attacked his mistress, when Nepheriades invents a lie about the young man to get revenge for Joseph’s refusal.

Joseph loses his position in Potiphar’s house and is then punished and sent to the kingdom’s prison.

First meeting with Asnate

Before being sent to prison in the novel Genesis, Joseph will have a moment of happiness in Egypt. During a day’s work in the backyard of Potipar’s house, the boy’s first encounter with Asenate (Letícia Almeida) takes place.

The girl will be José’s romantic partner in the novel Genesis and the duo’s love is instantaneous. In the first date scene, José is studying fabrics on a clothesline when the girl appears. After evading the care of Abumani (Dudu de Oliveira) – servant of Pentephres (Nando Cunha), who had the task of accompanying the girl – the two spend a few minutes together and show themselves enchanted by each other.

jose and asnate
Actress Letícia Almeida is married to an actor who plays José’s brother – Photo: Record TV/Reprodução

How will Joseph become governor of Egypt?

After being punished for allegedly abusing Potiphar’s wife, Joseph will be locked up in the Genesis novel for a few years. In his time in jail, he will meet two men who worked for Pharaoh, a butler and a baker. Sheshi’s former servants will reveal that they had strange dreams and José, who has the gift of interpreting them, will tell what each one means.

José informs that the butler will return to work with Pharaoh in a few days, while the baker will not return to his position and will die in a few days. José is right, and everything happens as he predicted with the duo’s dreams.

pharaoh sheshi
Copeiro will be the key for José to meet Pharaoh – Photo: Record TV/Reprodução

After a long time in jail, Joseph is remembered by the butler when Pharaoh begins to be tormented by some dreams. Jacob’s son is then called to the palace and helps the sovereign, who discovers that his dreams mean years of plenty in Egypt and then years of intense crisis.

Satisfied with Joseph’s talent in the Genesis novel, Sheshi then transforms the boy into the governor of Egypt, granting him a marriage, house, servants and a mission to prepare the country for the great crisis to come.

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