why Nego do Borel cannot name Duda Reis

Nego do Borel was announced today as one of the participants of the reality show “A Fazenda 13”, and has already made it clear that he is joining the RecordTV program with the objective of cleaning up his image.

In the ad, Nego said he doesn’t want to talk about his ex, probably referring to actress Duda Reis.

Duda accuses the singer of vulnerable rape, injury, threats, domestic violence and bodily harm. The case Nego do Borel vs. Duda Reis runs in secret from the courts, but he has been prohibited from mentioning the name of the ex-fiancée since January this year, when she filed protective measures after the end of the relationship.

According to lawyers Izabella Borges and Gizelly Bicalho, who represent the actress, the court decision brings innovative aspects regarding the full protection of women.

In addition to not being able to publicly cite the name of the ex, the court decision prohibits the musician from sharing intimate images and videos of Duda, in addition to preventing Nego from “marking” the name of the victim and his family in posts on social networks or sending him messages and comment on your posts. Duda also no longer mentions her ex-fiancé’s name publicly.

In July, Nego’s defense filed a criminal complaint against Duda for defamation, libel and slander, but the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice decided to reject the singer’s accusations on the 24th.

The police report registered by the actress at the beginning of the year still resulted in search and seizure warrants on properties owned by Nego do Borel, where a replica of a rifle, telephones, computer, passport and around R$473,000 in cash were seized.

After analysis, the Civil Police of São Paulo concluded that Nego do Borel’s money was lawful and returned the amount to the singer about ten days ago.

More complaints

swellen - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Swellen Sauer and Nego do Borel

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

After Duda publicly exposed the singer on social media after the breakup, another ex-girlfriend also denounced Nego for violence against women. It was Swellen Sauer, former press officer and girlfriend of the singer, who maintained a relationship with him between 2012 and 2015.

More recently, in July, he was indicted by the Civil Police of Rio for the crime of bodily harm in the context of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend.

In the case involving Swellen, Nego went from being investigated to being indicted, since according to investigations by the Police Service for Women (DEAM) of Jacarepaguá, in the west side of Rio de Janeiro, the young woman was the victim of several attacks committed by the artist.

Swellen even claims that the artist was aggressive even with his own mother. And that she would have been sought out by another ex-girlfriend of Nego who reported the same behavior.

Fate of “The Farm”

biel - Playback/Playplus - Playback/Playplus

Biel took second place in the last edition of ‘A Fazenda’

Image: Playback/Playplus

The reality of Record has a history of participants who entered “A Fazenda” still under accusations of violence against women. Most of them managed to clean the image and did very well in the game.

That was the case of Dado Dolabella, who participated in the reality show in 2009 and won the R$ 1 million prize, even after assaulting his then-girlfriend, Luana Piovani, and a maid in a nightclub in Rio, six months earlier.

In 2017, the doctor Marcos Harter, who had already been expelled from “BBB” for assaulting his girlfriend on the reality show, went to “A Fazenda” and took 2nd place on the program.

Lucas Viana, expelled from MTV’s “Are You The One? Brazil”, also accused of aggression and machismo by women, went to rural reality and ended up champion in 2019.

Last year, singer Biel, accused of harassment by a journalist in Brazil and of domestic violence by his ex-wife in the United States, also managed to clean up his image and came out with second place in “A Fazenda”.

Other side

Nego do Borel denies all accusations made by his former partners. In the case of Duda Reis, he only admitted that he took the actress by the arm and betrayed his ex-fiancée with other women.