Windows 11: Microsoft Explains How PCs Will Get Faster

O Windows 11 seems to be willing to prove that it’s not just a “pretty face” among operating systems. A video released on YouTube on Wednesday (8) reveals a series of performance optimizations supposedly capable of making any PC faster. For this, frequently used applications will have priority when starting.

In the video, Microsoft’s VP of Corporate Management Steve Dispensa ensures that prioritized applications can be launched quickly in the operating system, even if the device’s processor is stressed with 90% CPU usage, as shown in the screenshots . The scene shows a robust, fast and responsive system.

Dispensa says this is the result of work done with Windows 11’s internal memory management to allow applications running in the foreground, he says, always have priority when it comes to demanding processor resources. To illustrate what it’s saying, VP opens Excel and Word almost instantly, even with an overloaded CPU.

Saving precious seconds at work

Source: Windows/Unsplash/ReproductionSource: Windows/Unsplash/ReproductionSource: Windows/Unsplash

Being able to open applications instantly, even with the processor stressed, is the biggest dream of any system user. By getting the foreground apps to work smart, regardless of what’s going on with the CPU, says Dispensa, the user “gains” a few precious seconds that, when added up, have a big impact on the work.

But it doesn’t stop there. Microsoft also promises smart navigation for Microsoft Edge users, which by default offers the option of inactive tabs being constantly pushed back so they don’t consume too many resources. According to the company, this improvement represents savings of up to 37% in terms of CPU resources and longer battery life for laptops.

Finally, an improvement was made in the “Sleep” function that will allow for a 25% more efficient resumption of functions, or “almost instantaneous”, as Promised Dispensa.