With Covid-19, Marília Mendonça gives details about her health status: ”I took three tests”

This Wednesday (08), after testing positive for Covid-19, Marília Mendonça he used social media to talk about his health status and said he tested negative twice before the current test.

The singer explained that she took the tests as soon as she felt the first symptoms of the virus, but as it was not detected in the first two, she believed she was just suffering from sinusitis. With no major symptoms, she reassured fans.

“I’m super fine, it didn’t compromise breathing or lungs, I’m just doing isolation. […] Based on these two tests, I really thought it was sinusitis, but it wasn’t, on the third it was positive and I immediately isolated myself, but I had a really bad head, I was really sick, that’s why I walked away from here”, she said, stating that the disease affected her psychological

The countryman took the opportunity to talk about the importance of vaccination and encourage his followers to take the immunizing agent: “I had already taken the first dose and I’m sure that it had a lot of influence so that my case went practically unnoticed. Get vaccinated, it’s very important. And my fans, rest assured, there is no risk of complications.”


At the end of the week, she celebrated her departure from the sertaneja mahara in the company of Anitta.

It’s that sister of marisa ended your engagement with Fernando Zor and was entertained on a night out with the pop singer. On Twitter, the blonde reacted with good humor. “Anitta can join the squad to take Maiara to the pros, because if she depends on her sister’s vein and the tired one here, she’s fucked***”, she said.