With exclusivity, Fernando Zor speaks for the first time about termination: “It was the best decision”

Since the news of the end of the engagement between Maiara and Fernando Zor was revealed, many rumors have taken over the internet. Fans saw signs at every Stories, every new post or comment made by artists on social media. Fernando agreed to talk to the column to try to put an end to so many rumors. And it started by answering the question that all fans ask: will this time be definitive? “Like every couple, we had our crises, which ended up eroding our relationship. I believe that at this moment is the best decision for us”, says the singer.

The musician also spoke about the decision to expose the relationship less on social media over the past few months: “On the internet, everything intensifies, and we’ve learned to deal with this in recent months. Having a public life doesn’t mean we should expose everything all the time. We love and respect the fans and the people who accompany us and cheer for us, but sometimes it is necessary to preserve the intimacy and the life together”, he says.

On the networks, it is also common posts that attribute the two – Maiara and Fernando – mistakes that may have contributed to the engagement coming to an end. One of them would be the fact that the singer exposes the bride’s jealousy too much. Asked about these possible mistakes, the countryman avoids: “Our relationship cannot be marked by the mistakes we made. Maiara came into my life at the right time, we lived incredible moments. There was always a lot of love and respect above all. We made mistakes, got it right and learned a lot together”.