Zé Trovão asks truck drivers to stop to force impeachment of STF ministers, but adhesion is uncertain | Brazil and Politics

Truck driver Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as “Zé Trovão”, published a video on social networks asking all drivers to stop activities while the Federal Senate does not determine the impeachment of the justices of the Supreme Court (STF).

“The Senate will have 24 hours to analyze the impeachment request of the STF ministers. On the 9th, we want an answer. Otherwise, on the 9th, we will summon the president, there in Brasília, to receive this document from the hands of the Brazilian people”, he said.

According to him, tomorrow the group of truck drivers will call on President Jair Bolsonaro to “take the action that is theirs”. In the video, Zé Trovão said that the document would be delivered to the Senate today.

“Please, I ask you who are in Brasília, for you and every good Brazilian, keep this fight steady, let’s fight because if we back down now, we will lose everything, including I definitely lose my freedom,” he said. . “If we stay in this fight, in the name of God, in a few days, Brazil will be saved”, he said.

Zé Trovão has been on the run since the 3rd, when the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) requested it and the STF minister Alexandre de Moraes ordered his arrest.

The video circulates in several groups of messages from truck drivers, but the manifestations about it are very contradictory. There are truckers supporting this stoppage in the name of “the best Brazil and ours” and there are those who repeat that they are being “used as a mass maneuver by the government”.

One of the most striking is truck driver Aldacir Cadore, from the interior of São Paulo. He said: “Nobody wanted another campaign speech. We want action. What will be done? Who will leave the government? Who stay? We should limit ourselves to the claims of our category.”

Gilson Rodrigues Pereira reminded his colleagues that all Havan stores, owned by the pocketman Luciano Hang, were open on holiday yesterday and that this demonstrates how obvious it is that truck drivers are being used.

“We stop, we stop making money, but his little store is there, steady, making a profit.”

As the agendas are mixed in the groups, there are also those who want to use these stoppages to claim control of fuel prices and readjustment of freight prices.

The Federal Highway Police reported that until 2:30 pm today there were records of concentration of truck drivers on federal highways in four states, with most in Santa Catarina. According to the note, distributed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, cargo vehicles are approached in these concentrations.

The demonstrations, according to the PRF, are not coordinated by sectorial entities, are not limited to demands linked to truck drivers and have a “heterogeneous composition”.

The PRF also informs that 56 incidents were registered with a concentration of people and attempts to block total or partial highways during the last hours. “The PRF is located in all the identified locations and works to guarantee free flow with the tendency to end mobilizations by 12:00 am on 09/09.”

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Truckers — Photo: Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil