30 trucks leave Esplanade; 71 remain in place, and authorities negotiate complete exit – 09/09/2021 – Market

Thirty of the 101 trucks that blocked the Esplanade of Ministries left the site until early this Thursday morning (9).

The demobilization takes place after a head-butt between the Pocketnarista protesters and President Jair Bolsonaro himself about what to do in relation to the strike with a coup bias, which aims to attack the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

In the morning, Bolsonaro told supporters that he will speak with government-aligned truck drivers later this Thursday. The Chief Executive had already recorded an audio on Wednesday (8) so that allies could pass it on to the truck drivers, asking them to release the lanes.

In addition to the Esplanade, members of the category have blocked stretches of highways since September 7, when the coup-based protests in support of Bolsonaro took place. Blockades reached 15 states, but in most of them the roads had already been cleared by early this afternoon.

“I’m going to talk to the truck drivers so we can make a decision, okay?”, said the president in a video released by an advisor on social networks. A conversation with truck drivers was scheduled to take place until the end of the morning, with the participation of the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio de Freitas.

Those responsible for the trucks on the Esplanada pulled down police blocks on Monday (6) and invaded the road. They disrespected the agreement made with public security authorities in the Federal District to leave the space until late afternoon on Wednesday (8).

The trucks were used in the coup demonstration to press for the invasion of the road that gives access to the STF and Congress. The blockade at the height of the Itamaraty, which prevents access to the two buildings, was the only one that was not overthrown by the Pocketnarist protesters.

After the initial resistance, almost a third of the trucks have already been removed from the Esplanade, as verified by the sheet this Thursday morning. Now, the SSP (Secretary of Public Security) of the DF is negotiating the removal of the rest of the vehicles this Thursday.

The Esplanada dos Ministérios is still blocked for traffic, which has been causing inconvenience in the central region of Brasília. The disrespect for the agreement made and the threats of invasion made the blockade extend beyond what had been foreseen and led to the interruption of the functioning of Congress and the TCU (Court of Accounts of the Union), for example.

The report found that the ten trucks carrying the Pro Tork company registration, placed right in front of the Congress, before the isolation grid, were removed from the site.

Pro Tork is a company that manufactures motorcycle helmets and equipment. It is headquartered in Paraná. The ten trucks arranged in front of Congress helped in the pressure to invade the road that gives access to the STF.

The four trucks identified with the logo of Grupo Brasil Novo, a logistics company headquartered in Florianópolis, were removed from the road and placed at the Esplanada’s central median.

The same was done with the trucks identified with the names of Arroz e Feijão Grão Dourado, Irmãos Chiari Agropecuária and Dez Alimentos, companies in the interior of Goiás.

The report has been trying since Wednesday (8) for a response from companies about the presence of these trucks on the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

Dez Alimentos, through one of its representatives, stated that the trucks present on the Esplanada belong to truck drivers who provide services to the company with exclusivity in the “one-way cargo”. Even so, according to the company, they would have participated in the demonstration on their own.

Grupo Brasil Novo said that “it has no interest in appearing in the media”.

On Wednesday night, the PM and the DF’s Public Security Secretariat were trying to negotiate the departure of truck drivers who are still camped on the Esplanade, obstructing the road.

The DF’s security secretary, Júlio Danilo, confirms that some truck drivers have already left the place. The team from the folder was there until 6:00 am following their departure and the removal of the structures.

In the little pen in front of the Palácio da Alvorada, where Bolsonaro stops every day for conversations and the production of videos that circulate through pocket-sized networks, truck drivers expressed their support for the president. One of them said he came from Sinop (MT) and has been camped in Brasília since last week.