Actress is run over by cement truck

British actress Kathryn Prescott, 30, best known for the series “Skins” and “24 Hours: Legacy”, is hospitalized with serious injuries after being run over by a cement truck.

Her twin sister Megan reported the case via Twitter and said the actress is alone in the hospital.

“I got the most terrible phone call I’ve ever received on Tuesday night. My sister was hit by a cement truck while crossing a highway in New York,” he wrote.

According to Megan, the actress underwent surgery and fractured her pelvis in two places, both legs, foot and left hand. The sister said that she “nearly avoided becoming paralyzed.”

Even with the seriousness of the injuries, doctors told the family that Kathryn will be able to recover.

Megan wants to visit Kathryn but can’t because of the covid pandemic. She asked the US Embassy to waive the current restrictions, which she refused.

“I’m devastated. I’m double vaccinated, I had a PCR test yesterday and I can fly now. I have hospital documents that confirm the extent of Kathryn’s injuries and I’m willing to do anything to get to her as quickly as possible,” he continued.

She even asked her followers for help to get to her sister. In Instagram’s Stories, she thanked those who tried to find solutions, but reiterated that she doesn’t want to “spend two weeks in another quarantine country, I need to see my sister now”.

“Please don’t try to call my sister, she’s exhausted from going in and out of surgeries. If you urgently need to talk to her, talk to me!”

Kathryn’s other works prescott are “The Son”, “Together Forever”, “A Night of Madness”, “Finding character” and “The Beehive”.

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