Adnet parody Macarena in provocation to Bolsonaro and truck drivers

After simulating the voice of Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and making unusual requests to truck drivers who are blocking some highways in Brazil in support of the president — such as dancing the “Macarena” — Marcelo Adnet made a parody of the song that was successful in the 1990s.

In the lyrics, sung in imitation of the politician, he cites words like “patriot”, “cattle”, “chloroquine” and “ema”.

Attention all patriots, please spread this message, ok?

You, patriot, who breaks the quarantine
come show small intelligence
Cattle of the ‘zap’ that denies science, chloroquine for ema

cuckold no pity like emu
Protect the children, crack and the schemes
In the inflatable phallus an extreme obsession, enough emu

Okay, guys? This audio is true. says Adnet on audio

The recordings took place hours after Bolsonaro himself sent an audio addressed to the truckers, asking them to stop the stoppages so as not to affect the economy.

According to columnist Josias de Souza, Zé Trovão, one of the organizers of the uprising, was irritated by the published recording. He even questioned the authenticity of the president’s speech, which had to be authenticated by Minister Tarcisio de Freitas (Infrastructure).