After 4: What do we know about After the Promise, the sequel to After the Misunderstanding? – Movie news

With the original title After Ever Happy, the film brings the final chapter of the journey of Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin).

After – After Desencontro is a success in Brazilian cinemas, but the sensual story of Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and Tessa (Josephine Langford) has not yet come to an end. After after we fell, the franchise still promises to have the fourth chapter of this story: After Ever Happy, or entitled After the Promise here in Brazil. Without spoiling, of course, how about discovering what the future holds for this controversial couple, in addition to understanding how the saga will continue on the big screen?

What happens in After?

Released in 2019, After is inspired by the literary saga written by Anna Todd, which began as a fanfic about Harry Styles. The story follows Tessa Young, a shy young woman who starts attending college, studying and living far from her mother and younger boyfriend. However, his life changes completely when he meets Hardin Scott, a British bad boy full of tattoos. After a troubled encounter, an attraction between the two is undeniable and a sensual romance begins, even against the wishes of the protagonist’s mother. But Tessa ends it all when she discovers that the relationship only started because of a bet.

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In After – After the Truth, Hardin is depressed but determined to do anything to regain Tessa’s trust. In turn, the young woman tries to ignore her ex’s advances, investing in her professional career, working at a publisher who doesn’t even imagine being connected with Hardin. In addition, the young woman also meets Trevor (Dylan Sprouse), her kind co-worker who is a potential love interest. After many dramas, Tessa and Hardin end up dating again.

2021 was the turn of After – After the mismatch, where the protagonist couple tries to decide their future together. On the one hand, Tessa decides to live in Seattle, in search of her dream job. But Hardin had other plans for the pair and doesn’t want to make such a change. Everything gets even more complicated when the protagonist’s father returns, after spending years missing, which arouses suspicion in the bad boy. The film has already arrived in Brazilian cinemas, despite its official premiere on September 9, with distribution by Diamond Films.

What is the story of After 4?

Obviously, only those who have watched After – After the mismatch may have a clearer notion about the fourth film in the franchise, but we can draw speculations from the books written by Anna Todd. In After Ever Happy, who won the national title after the promise, Hardin is dealing with the consequences of a family secret, which makes him suspicious of everything and everyone — including those he loves the most. Not to mention that your aggressive anger can ruin everything…

The only person who can soothe your heart is Tessa, but how will the couple react when the young protagonist suffers a brutal tragedy? This time, the girl will also need the support of her lover, but is the relationship too fragile to withstand so much pain? She’s no longer the shy young woman than Hardin, but she’s not sure she can save the bad boy without risking herself. Dramatic, isn’t it?

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on the big screen, after the promise will have the same director of after the mismatch, Castille Landon. In fact, the two productions were filmed together, so the recordings of the last chapter are already complete. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise the roles of Tessa and Hardin, while the cast follows with the third-part changes: Chance Perdomo, Stephen Moyer, Mira Sorvino and Arielle Kebbel take on the characters Landon, Christian Vance, Carol Young and Kimberly, respectively .

The release forecast for After Ever Happy is for 2022.

Will After win spin-offs?

In April 2021, it was announced that Castille Landon will write and direct two spin-offs related to the journey of the couple created by Anna Todd, but without the return of Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford in the lead roles. The first of them will be a prelude focused on Hardin’s adolescence, showing how the young man lived his first great love. The idea is to explain how he became the passionate and aggressive adult we know today, whose tragic fate changes with the arrival of Tessa.

The second project is a sequel that will accompany Hardin and Tessa’s children in the future. In it, Emery and Auden will be sailing through their youth, along with cousin Addy; going through the difficulties of growing up, but trying not to repeat the mistakes that your parents made. Emery is described in the books as a stubborn girl with a similar temperament to her father. Auden is his younger brother, while Addy is Landon’s daughter.