Amazon announces its first line of 4K smart TVs from at 75 with HDR10, Alexa support and Fire TV

Amazon is expected to expand its empire with the launch of new smart devices soon. After the creation of an extensive portfolio of tablets and the failure of the Fire Phone, it is natural to expect the giant retailer to enter the television market with models under its own brand.

This Thursday (09), the company revealed that it will sell its own 4K smart TVs manufactured in partnership with Pioneer and Toshiba, and as explained in its press release, the first models will be released soon.

Initially, the first televisions will be manufactured by Pioneer. The specs will be less robust and there will only be two size options: 43 and 50 inches. After that, in 2022, models designed by Toshiba with more features are expected to reach retail with 55, 65 and even 75 inches.

More precise specifications on these devices have been reserved for the time of presentation, but it is disclosed that the TVs will support HDR10 and Dolby Vision. In addition, the models will come with Alexa virtual assistant integration and will feature Fire TV.

Pioneer models will use a remote control equipped with microphones for Alexa’s voice controls; Toshiba models, on the other hand, will offer far-field voice capture, that is, it will be able to recognize spoken commands at distances of up to 10 meters.

The partnership also includes retailer Best Buy, one of Amazon’s main rivals, which curiously will make 4K smart TVs available on its shelves. Although Pioneer and Toshiba operate in Brazil, it is unlikely that the models will be launched in the local market.

Amazon has not revealed launch prices for the TVs, except for the 43-inch Pioneer, which has already is available in pre-order in the US and Canada for US$369 (~R$1,948) and should reach retail by the end of the month. The 50-inch model will be released in November. Toshiba’s panels, in turn, should arrive in March 2022.