AMD Zen 4 CPUs will see improvements in power consumption and heat generation

First processors with this architecture will be the Ryzen 7000

According to the website Igor’s Lab, the futures AMD Ryzen 7000 processors, codenamed Raphael, will be more efficient in energy consumption and also better monitoring of temperatures. This will be thanks to the new architecture Zen 4.

With the new generation of Intel processors showing higher energy expenditure in tests, the OMG will have a good trump card against its rival if architecture Zen 4 really be more efficient in consumption. Igor Wallossek (the owner of Lab) points out that the red side seeks to reduce the number of energy conversion stages in the CPU. The company’s plans are to reduce it to two stages.

Regarding the monitoring of heat in the processor, a OMG went through some problems related to the temperature reading. The tool of CPU responsible for this part, the CUR_TEMP caused some misreads in previous generations of Ryzen. These errors made the fans spin faster when it wasn’t needed. At the Ryzen Raphael this part will receive a more in-depth analysis to correct the problem, ending up with the fan running more than the top of the house and reducing the noise.

New AMD processors: what is known so far?

THE OMG will cast two lines of Ryzen in 2022: the Ryzen 6000 APU (Rembrandt), processors that are based on the architecture Zen 3+ (virtually an upgrade from Ryzen 5000) with 3D cache and architecture processor family Zen4 code-named Raphael. If leaks from the leaker Greymon55, on the APU already in mass production, be it true, the Ryzen 6000 may arrive even before 2022.

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The mainstream line for desktops Zen 4 CPUs should be released with integrated graphics, just as Intel already does. You OMG Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” will have iGPU based on RDNA 2.


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Via: Tom’s Hardware Source: Igor’s Lab