Amid the drop in hospitalizations in the country, Rio is the only capital with occupation of Covid ICUs above 90%, according to Fiocruz

The last weekly bulletin of the Covid-19 Observatory of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) points out that the occupation of ICU beds for adult patients infected by the new coronavirus in Brazil is outside the alert zone, that is, below 60%, in 25 of the 27 units of the federation — the exceptions are Rio de Janeiro and Roraima. The survey proves the scenario of drop in hospitalizations across the country that had been shaping up since the beginning of August. The group of scientists credits this improvement, mainly, to the advance of vaccination.

Roraima, with a rate of 82%, is the only one in the critical alert zone, but the state has a peculiar scenario because it has only 50 vacancies. The capital, Boa Vista, also has 82% of the intensive care beds for patients with Covid-19 being used. On the other hand, Rio de Janeiro, which had been showing itself in a more worrying situation for being the epicenter of the Delta variant in the country, showed a drop from 72% to 66% in the indicator, which kept it in the intermediate alert zone. The capital of Rio de Janeiro, however, remains on critical alert, with 94% occupancy. Data refer to the week of August 29th to September 4th.

According to researchers at the Observatory, the data reflect the general trend towards a decrease in the incidence of serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths caused by Covid in the country. “The simultaneous and proportional reduction of these indicators demonstrates that the vaccination campaign is reaching the objective of protecting the population from the impact of the disease”, says an excerpt from the bulletin, which also carries a warning: “The still high rate of positivity of the tests and the high lethality rate of the disease (currently at 3%) reveals that the transmission of the virus is intense and that several asymptomatic or unconfirmed cases may be occurring, without registration in the information systems”.

Fiocruz scientists reinforce that it is essential to interrupt the transmission of the coronavirus, which will occur mainly through the immunization campaign. For this, according to them, it is necessary to complete the vaccination schedule for all adults, vaccinate adolescents and apply the third dose to the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly who have been immunized for more than six months.

While Boa Vista (RR) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) are in the critical alert zone in relation to the occupation of ICU beds for Covid-19, in other Brazilian capitals the indicator follows the downward trend observed in the states. The three that are still at the intermediate level had a drop in relation to the index registered in the previous week’s bulletin, with data for the period from 22 to 28 August: Curitiba (PR), fell from 75% to 65%; Porto Alegre (RS), from 66% to 61%, and Goiânia (GO), from 69% to 65%.

In other capitals, the indicator is outside the alert zone, that is, below 60%: Porto Velho (RO), 50%; Rio Branco (AC), 8%; Manaus (AM), 34%; Belém (PA), 29%; Macapá (AP), 18%; Palms (TO), 31%; São Luís (MA), 42%; Teresina (PI), 44%; Fortaleza (CE), 55%; Natal (RN), 32%; João Pessoa (PB), 15%; Recife (PE), 46%; Maceió (AL), 17%; Aracaju (SE), 28%; Salvador (BA), 25%; Belo Horizonte (MG), 56%; Vitória (ES), 49%; São Paulo (SP), 35%; Florianópolis (SC), 18%; Campo Grande (MS), 39%; Cuiabá (MT), 31%; and Brasília, 57%.