Ana Maria speaks with live presenter

The presenter Tiago Leifert explained today to Ana Maria Braga his decision to leave Globo after “The Voice Brasil” on December 23rd. He compared the station’s departure to his trip to the United States in 2001.

Leifert remembered his father, former director of Globo, Gilberto Leifert, and the first time he thought about leaving Globo.

The first time I had a feeling like this, a long time ago. I buried it. I can’t remember, but I wasn’t at the time. My story starts 20 years ago, I moved to the US, I was here in SP going to a party and I thought: what now? My goal was to work at Esporte da Globo. My father has been here since 1988, I grew up here at Globo. I was literally born and raised here. I went to his room to play. It goes far beyond employment. It’s leaving home. Today’s feeling is the same as in 2001 when I said I was going to live abroad, study to work in TV. I never dreamed of being a presenter, being in front of the camera, being famous. James Leifert

He said an epic moment in the “BBB” past was a time to reflect on exit.

My big epiphany last year, pandemic, my pregnant wife, I got home and she says the show was spectacular. She asked if I was happy. Not [estava]. Because I didn’t do more than my obligation, give an audience. It could have been that day [do recorde de votação]. She said if she was going to celebrate, but said only in May. But I didn’t celebrate in May, I was worried about the other one. I’m going to look at my mission at Globo and I got it, it worked. That’s what I think of me. James Leifert

Tiago Leifert - Reproduction / TV Globo - Reproduction / TV Globo

Tiago Leifert on “More You”

Image: Playback / TV Globo

Even with the desire, the coronavirus pandemic made Leifert stay another year. He challenged himself to make “BBB 21” with a bigger success than the last edition.

I talked to the company, they were very nice, they were wonderful to me from the beginning. The Marinho family, they understand me. I was in the middle of the pandemic. I spoke with my wife, Globo needs me there and let’s go together. A year from now we talk again. I forgot about it, I immersed myself in the ‘Big 21’, everyone was talking about the ‘Big 20’, history. The 20 is the beginning of a format, the 21 is the consecration of a format. !00 days in madness. The beginning, every rocket launch, exiting the naval atmosphere and entering is very difficult. The first three weeks are very difficult. In the last three weeks people have been screwing up. The team knows each other and we know how to hold this game. As much as we had problems with Karol and Lucas, never leaving that. James Leifert

‘I played with Faustão’

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Tiago Leifert presents the ‘Super Dance of the Famous’

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Halfway through, Tiago had to replace Faustão in ‘Domingão’ due to the presenter’s medical license. A week later, Fausto and Globo reached an agreement and he left the network.

Leifert said he wanted to “imitate” Faust in a good way and that it was more of a challenge amid his thought of leaving the network.

I decided my mission was accomplished. Then Faustão appears in the middle, my god. They called me on Thursday. They called me. I was going to my father’s house to talk about my decision. They said that Faustão is sick, ‘do you do the program tomorrow? He knows and wants you’. I asked if he had video-sticks and called Ed Gama for help. The team was a little scared and [falei] let’s do as if it were him. Print the file, microphone, lights. I played at Faustão. I loved that Sunday, it was so much fun. I was worried about Faust, I didn’t celebrate because he was sick. Then there were the business decisions, they said if I would do the ‘Super Dance’. I loved every second too. James Leifert

Replace Bial in ‘BBB’

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Leifert remembers moments on Globo

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Every time they said it wouldn’t work, he knows nothing about music and sports. It worked out. AI they put me on the BBB, ‘it won’t work’. [Bial] a gigantic shadow. when they told me [de ir para o ‘BBB’], I watched the program for years and years, when I arrived I had the same attitude on Globo Esporte. I came to the conclusion that this January 2017, if it was the first ‘BBB’ in history, what would I say, how would I do it? It was breaking with what was done and saying: this is tradition and we can evolve this. Tuesday’s text, people like it, there’s no way to abolish it. But the game of contention has changed, the proof of the angel with my voice to be closer to the game. It’s not really real life, there are things people wouldn’t do here. We set up the tests, the obstacles. James Leifert

Ana Maria’s compliments

According to Ana Maria, she made the invitation yesterday after the news and Leifert accepted. The presenter is a fan of the former commander of “BBB” and has already praised him for replacing Faustão on sick leave and stopped showing the culinary reality “Jogo de Panas” to receive Leifert.

I won’t forget this date, there are things in life that we go through, we build along the way. Friendship, respect, affection not they are built for free. A hell of an honor to welcome a dear friend. A wonderful guy, an exceptional colleague, he is unanimous. To start with, three words: competence, courage, coherence, truth. He’s a whiner too. With regret for the news, but at the same time, with great joy. Ana Maria Braga

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Tiago Leifert is received by Ana Maria Braga

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Out of curiosity, it was on Ana Maria Braga’s program that those eliminated from “BBB” had breakfast. Today was the instead of presenter go, now that he’s out of command of the attraction — Tiago Leifert’s own reason for fun on social networks and Ana Maria Braga.

It was in “Mais Você” on Christmas Eve 2020 that Tiago spoke the release date of the 21st edition. In the conversation, he cried after receiving a gift from Ana Maria addressed to Leifert’s daughter.

Globo will also define the new presenters of “BBB 22” and “The Voice Brasil”. Leifert explained part of the decision yesterday through social media. The presenter said that the doors are not closed, but that he wants to follow this new professional path outside the network he has worked for over a decade.

In the channel’s corridors, the main bet is that Marcos Mion will take over the BBB. One of the clues would be the fact that he is only in charge of Saturday until the end of the year.

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