Anitta’s consultancy confirms the performance of “Girl From Rio” at the VMA

The VMA (Video Music Awards) of 2021 and everything indicates that Anitta will be there! She has already confirmed her presence, but it seems to go even further. There will also be a performance of “girl from river“. The information was confirmed by its staff, Bpmcom.

This will be a joint action with a famous fast food chain. It is unclear whether she will sing on the main stage or on some parallel broadcast. In addition, the Brazilian’s face will be printed in one of the breaks of the attraction, when the special hamburger “Larissa Machado – Anitta” will be announced, which will be totally vegan and free of artificial additives, sold in the United States.

Anitta's consultancy confirms Girl From Rio's VMA performance
Photo: Twitter @Anitta

The performance of Anitta has not yet been confirmed by official VMA vehicles. Anyway, she makes history being the first Brazilian to perform there. The awards will take place next Sunday, September 13th.

Recently, Anitta appeared on VMA networks in a video answering a series of questions.

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Anitta reflects how she handles the denials she receives

Like everyone, Anitta receives some negatives in his professional life. But that doesn’t stop her from moving on. On the contrary, it gives more strength”

The ‘no’ for me is like a pressure valve, it gives me more desire! I take a ‘no’ and I come home like: ‘oh yeah? Wait a minute’. It’s just that I’m Aryan, I think there’s a lot of that, I’m a lot of sign“, she said.

I think it’s like this… I take a no and think I’ll find a way. I don’t get angry because I understand each person’s process, but I come home like this: ‘now that I’m going to solve this here, I’m going to make that person call me one day‘”, to be continued.

For Anitta, success is a way of revenge with those who despised her in the past:

The ‘no’ he does to me… It leaves a lot of people unmotivated, but it doesn’t happen to me, it makes me want to show it. For me the best revenge is for you to get along. I don’t waste my time doing harm to those who harm me […] Growing up, there’s no way you can do more harm to those who want you the most

Anitta reflects how she handles the denials she receives
Photo: Twitter @Anitta

about your musical process

Anitta explains that he likes to take risks, but he also needs to stick to what everyone is used to.

I have different steps: one is for me to have credibility, then I do what nobody else is doing. I see what everyone is afraid to do, then I’m going to do it. But I also do ‘more of the same’ to keep that audience… If I only do those crazy things, it doesn’t work. So I do both sides… So much for playing it safe, when going where no one is going“he stated.

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