Any Borges beats Pyong Lee in the final of ‘Ilha Record’ and earns R$500 thousand

In a dispute against Pyong Lee, Any Borges won and won the prize of R$500 thousand; Pyong got R$100 thousand

On the night of last Thursday, 09, the public watched the grand final of the Island Record and checked the victory of Any Borges (24)!

Presented by Sabrina Sato (40), the attraction showed that in the final Any and Pyong Lee (28) had to assemble the map of the island and indicate the locations where the search for the treasure would begin. Small chests were scattered around the island in various ways: buried, in treetops or floating in the sea.

The first to rescue all the chests, which contained stones from three different ones, were Any and her two helpers, Nanah (33) and claudinho (28). The stone that was inside the box with the most votes by the public was worth three points, the second two and the third only one point. The participant who added the most points, took the grand prize.

With more blue stones, the former participant of “De Vacation with Ex”, reality broadcast by MTV, won the prize of R$500 thousand. Pyong Lee, runner-up, got R$100 thousand.

It is worth noting that even before being announced as the big winner, Any spoke about the experience of participating in the reality: “I’m very happy, Sabrina, just being in the final is a victory for me. I went through very difficult times there, my friends followed a little, God too. I’m very happy because I didn’t go over anyone else, but I overcame my anxiety. I was myself, I played with my heart.”

Any Borges sends a message to Pyong Lee after the final

After being confirmed as the grand champion, Any sent a message to Pyong, who followed virtually everything after testing positive for covid-19. “You know you played a lot, right? But it wasn’t this time, checkmate you,” she said, falling into the arms of her friends.

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