Any Borges beats Pyong Lee, is champion and receives R$ 500 thousand

Any Borges, DJ, businesswoman and former participant of “De Vacation with Ex” (MTV), is the big winner of the first edition of “Ilha Record”, taking home R$ 500 thousand. Pyong Lee, the vice-champion of the reality show, earned R$ 100,000.

Before the champion’s disclosure, Any said that she already considered herself victorious and vented about the experience:

I’m very happy Sabrina, just being in the final is a victory for me. I went through very difficult times there, my friends followed a little, God too. I’m really happy because I didn’t get past anyone, but I got over my anxiety. I was myself, I played with my heart. Any Borges

Soon after the decision, the DJ cheered, hugged her colleagues and even sent a message to Pyong Lee, who remotely participated in the final after testing positive for covid-19:

You know you played a lot, right? But it wasn’t this time, checkmate you. Any Borges

Nanah and Claudinho they took R$ 10 thousand each for having been Any’s helpers in the treasure hunt on the island. Mirella Santos, on the other hand, was the chosen explorer of the public and took R$ 250,000 home.

How did the final work

Yesterday, the program showed that Pyong and Any set up the map of the island and indicated in which places they will start the search for parts of the treasure. Small chests were scattered around the island in various ways: buried, in treetops or floating in the sea.

Any Borges and her helpers, Nanah and Claudinho, were the first to rescue all the chests, which contained stones of three different colors inside.

The stone that was inside the most voted box by the public was worth three points, the second two and the third only one. Whoever added more points took the R$ 500 thousand home.

With more blue stones — those worth three points — Any ended up winning and is the champion of the first edition of the reality show.

“The Farm” is coming

“Ilha Record” ended today, but next Tuesday (14) has the debut of “A Fazenda 13”, commanded by Adriana Galisteu. Today, Record announced the first participants of the reality.

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