Architect changes the groom on the eve of the wedding and surprises guests

Guests at the wedding of architect and decorator Eder Meneghine, 60, had been told that the ceremony would be memorable and that the evening would be unforgettable. However, no one expected that the novelty would be the change of the groom.

According to a report on the G1 portal, the ceremony took place at the restaurant Solar das Palmeiras Rio, on Ilha da Gigóia, in the West Zone of the city, last Tuesday (7). 120 people were invited to the wedding.

The invitation contained the name of Dyl Reis, 23, from Minas Gerais, who had been Meneghine’s partner in recent months. However, it was the architect’s former boyfriend, chef Hugo Oliveira, 44, who climbed the altar.

“No one there will ever forget that night, that much I’m sure. But it won’t be because of the beauty of the place or the quality of the food and drink. But it was because of the surprise, because of the experience they had at that moment”, said Meneghine, in an interview with the G1 portal.

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