Architect “exchanges” groom 24 hours before the wedding: “It was crazy”

Rio de Janeiro – The 120 guests at the wedding of architect and decorator Eder Meneghine, 60, hardly expected that there could be such a significant change in the ceremony: the exchange of the bridegroom. After having an argument with Dyl Reis, 23, from Minas Gerais, on the eve of the wedding, Eder decided to put an end to the relationship and “summoned” his ex-partner, chef Hugo Oliveira, 44, to go up to the altar.

The case was revealed by O Globo newspaper columnist Ancelmo Gois. The architect invested over R$ 250,000 in decoration, structure and services for the ceremony, held on Ilha da Gigóia, in the west side of Rio de Janeiro. Names from Rio’s high society, such as socialite Vera Loyola and baroness Bete Suzano, were present at the wedding and only heard about the exchange at the time of the event, to the sound of the Italian classic Con te Partirò, played by Andrea Bocelli.

“At that time it was crazy. had people passed out, more than 20 minutes of applause, a vibration with hats in the air. Total ecstasy. The party was 10 times better than it would have been. The event lasted eight hours and 150 bottles of Italian sparkling wine”, Eder told the G1.

He claims that he knew Dyl for a short time and noticed personal problems due to his relationship with the miner, which made him end the relationship 24 hours before they got married.