Barbara Evans cries after seeing the ultrasound result: ‘It’s going to be difficult’

Barbara Evans moved everyone when talking about the ultrasound she performed to find out about the evolution of the twins she expects. Monique Evans’ daughter said that one of the embryos’ gestational sacs was smaller than the other and could not hold back the emotion when showing her concern.

Through her profile on social networks, the model commented about not having shared the results of the last time she took the exam, saying that one of the embryos may end up not evolving during pregnancy.

“Hi guys all right? I didn’t show you the ultrasound because this pregnancy will be difficult. One bag is much, much smaller than the other. There are great chances that one will not evolve, but they have grown, the little heart is beating stronger, but for God nothing is impossible”, she said.

“It’s keeping calm, breathing, once a week we’re going to do an ultrasound. I ask you to pray, that you pray, that you ask a lot of God. I know that nothing is impossible for God, I will try to stay calm, but the difference between them is very big”.

“Trying to calm me down, but they’re fine, they’ve grown up, little heart has increased. But the gestational sac of one is much smaller than the other. And that’s it,” added Barbara Evans.

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As we said above, the artist revealed the state of the embryos right after the pregnancy announcement and the revelation that she and her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, were waiting for twin heirs.

“There are really two embryos, separated in two gestational sacs, so they are those two embryos that we placed. An embryo has not divided, it has nothing to do with it”, explained Barbara last Saturday, August 4th.

“There’s a question, the two embryos are the same size, they both have the right gallbladder of the same size, and the two little hearts are beating strong, strong. But the gestational sac of one is bigger than the other”.

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She asked everyone for prayers:

“Pray, pray, that the two little embryos stay firm, strong and evolve. I’m sure that the one that’s smaller, with the smaller gestational sac will also be very strong and will stay in here”.


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