Barbara Evans Reveals Concern About Pregnancy After Ultrasound: ‘Chances Not To Evolve’ | celebrities

Barbara Evans cries when commenting on the ultrasound resultsReproduction/Instagram

Rio – After announcing that she is pregnant with twins, Barbara Evans appeared visibly shaken on social networks, this Thursday (9), after receiving the result of the ultrasound.

According to Barbara, one of the embryos is very small and may not evolve well during pregnancy. “Hi, guys! I didn’t show you the ultrasound because this pregnancy will be difficult. One bag is much smaller than the other. There are great chances of one not evolving, but they’ve grown, the little heart is beating faster”, began the model by Instagram stories.

The champion of “The Farm” couldn’t hold back her tears and asked for prayers from fans. “For God, nothing is impossible. It’s keeping calm, breathing, once a week we’ll come for an ultra. I ask you to pray, to pray, to ask God a lot. I’ll try to keep calm, but the difference between them is very large. The gestational sac of one is much smaller than the other”, he added without holding back his tears.

Barbara Evans is married to Gustavo Theodoro and is eight weeks old. By revealing her pregnancy a week ago, the model thrilled fans. “We are pregnant, we are very happy. Thank you so much for having always accompanied me and cheered us on. We are very radiant,” said Barbara.

The report is by Kadu Brandão, from iG.