Barroso says Bolsonaro’s shaming “shames” Brazil | Policy

the president of Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and minister of Federal Court of Justice (STF), Luis Roberto Barroso, said on Thursday that the president’s lack of composure Jair Bolsonaroshame” the country before the world. “The brand Brazil is currently suffering – and sad to say – a global devaluation.

In a harsh speech delivered at the TSE session, Barroso criticized the anti-democratic agendas propagated by Bolsonaro in the acts of the 7th of September and warned that, in several countries around the world, the erosion of democracy did not take place through a coup d’état, but elected leaders by popular vote. “This is the club we don’t want to join.”

“We are a victim of mockery, of global contempt. A discredit greater than inflation, unemployment, the fall in income, the rise in the dollar, the fall in the stock market, the deforestation of the Amazon, the number of deaths from the pandemic, the flight of brains and investments,” he said.

He said Bolsonaro’s insistence on attacking the TSE was “empty rhetoric” and that, except for “fanatics (who are blinded by radicalism) and mercenaries (who are blinded by the monetization of lies), all the good people know that there was no fraud and who is the faker in this story”.

Minister Roberto Barroso — Photo: Roberto Jayme/ASCOM/TSE

Barroso, once again, denied speeches by Bolsonaro that discredit electronic voting machines. He said he was tired of repeating the task so many times, but considered it necessary, in the name of “judges and civil servants who serve Brazil with patriotism, not with rhetoric from the platform, and who cannot be defenseless in the face of abusive language and lies.”

“We cannot be dominated by post-truth and alternative facts. The repetition of the lie cannot create the impression that it has become the truth. electoral process – thus, in case of defeat, fraud can be alleged and the winner can be delegitimized.”

Citing the “delicate moment” of democracy in other countries, Barroso suggested that Bolsonaro contributes to this scenario by fulfilling the requirements of populism and extremism. “Populism takes place when charismatic leaders manipulate the population, promising simple and wrong solutions to serious problems. When failure knocks, you have to find the culprits.”

The minister continued: “Populism lives by making enemies to justify its fiasco. It could be communism, the press or the courts. The best known strategies are the use of social media to inflame the masses and devalue institutions.”

About extremism, Barroso said that the practice is manifested “by intolerance and attack on institutions and people and by the effort to disqualify those who think differently.” He recalled the threats made by pocketnaristas to invade Congress and the STF. “This is not because the institutions do not allow it.”

For Barroso, when the debate is “contaminated by hate speech, unfounded conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns, democracy is demeaned”. “Insult is not an argument, offense is not courage and incivility is a defeat of spirit. We cannot allow the destruction of institutions to cover up the economic, social and moral failure we are experiencing.”

The TSE president also assured that the general elections will take place normally next year. “With God’s blessing – the true God, goodness, love, respect for others – and the protection of institutions, a democratically elected president will take office in 2023.”