Belford Roxo Boys Killed by Traffickers Says Civil Police Secretary | Rio de Janeiro

Almost nine months after the disappearance of three boys in Belford Roxo, Baixada Fluminense, the secretary of Civil Police, Allan Turnowski, stated this Thursday (9) that drug dealers from the Castelar favela were the authors of the murder of the children.

According to Turnowski, investigators already have the names, but the secretary said they will only be revealed after the investigation is completed. O the reason for the homicides would be the theft of birds.

“The traffickers from the Castelar favela were the ones who killed the boys in the Baixada. From the beginning, we had this line as stronger, but we also had other lines that, during the investigation, were being discarded,” explained the secretary, in interview with RJ2.

Belford Roxo Children — Photo: Reproduction

At RJ2, Turnowski dossier the head of trafficking in Castelar was executed as a file burning, in Complexo da Penha, after the police proceeded with the investigation.

The perpetrators of the crime would have asked him for permission to kill the boys, but they would not have said that the so-called bird thieves were children.

Lucas Matheus, Alexandre and Fernando Henrique disappeared on December 27th. For months, the police searched for the children. To date, the bodies have not been found.

“It should be completed in a short time, but today we can already say that it was drug trafficking responsible for the deaths of these children,” Turnowski said.

Last image of the street boys in Belford Roxo before disappearing — Photo: Reproduction