Bolsonaro cites market reaction to justify Thursday’s statement | Policy

The president Jair Bolsonaro he cited the financial market’s reaction on Thursday to justify to supporters his decision to sign a note retreating from attacks on the Federal Court of Justice (STF). In conversation with militants in front of the Dawn Palace, he congratulated those involved in the September 7 demonstrations and stated that “we are winning” but that “immediacy” cannot be wanted to solve the country’s problems.

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“What happened at 3 [horas] of yesterday afternoon? The bag went up there and the dollar fell. Each one speaks what he wants, but there are people who do not read the note and complain,” said the president. A video with part of the speech with supporters was released by a PocketNarist channel on the internet.

On the 7th, in front of supporters in Brasília and São Paulo, Bolsonaro said that minister Alexandre de Moraes was no longer able to join the STF and that he would no longer comply with his decisions. On Thursday, however, he said that the disagreements had to be resolved by judicial measures and said that words, “sometimes scathing, came from the heat of the moment”.

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Jair Bolsonaro — Photo: Cristiano Mariz/O Globo

To supporters, on Friday, he said that Tuesday’s demonstrations, in which protesters summoned by him called for the closure of the Supreme Court and Congress, showed the world what is happening in Brazil.

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“We’re getting it right… The accumulation of garbage, of problems, is 30, 40 years. We’re winning. If the dollar soars, it influences the fuel. Your work was exceptional, the picture is worldwide and here in Brasília, too. Everyone has seen what is happening. Some want immediacy, but if you date and get married in a week, your marriage will go wrong,” he argued.

The militants complained to the president that they were “unanswered” after the release of the note. Called a “Declaration to the Nation, the document was released after lunch with former President Michel Temer (MDB) and hours of conversations with palace ministers.