Bolsonaro tries to justify a letter written by Temer: ‘We’re winning’

President rebutted the criticisms and said that those who complain about the content of the text is because they did not read or did not understand what was written

Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

President Jair Bolsonaro minimized his retreat to supporters in the Alvorada playpen on Friday 10th, rebutted criticism and tried to justify the letter written by Michel Temer and signed by him this Thursday afternoon.

According to Bolsonaro, the text was an attempt to contain the rise in the dollar and the fall in the stock market, observed after the anti-democratic attacks. For him, the published content ‘was a hit’.

“Understand, we’re getting it right,” he told supporters. “We are winning. If the dollar shoots up, it influences fuel, cooking gas”, he justified.

The president also rebutted criticisms made by supporters who point to disappointment at the retreat in attacks on the Supreme Court.

“Each one says what he wants, but the guy doesn’t read the note and complains. Read the note. It’s very short, read it twice, three times. There are ten small items, understand”, said Bolsonaro, in a tone of demand to the allies.

In the conversation, he praised the participation of supporters in the undemocratic acts of September 7th and dodged the charge from the pocketnaristas for taking ‘new attitudes’ after the speeches.

“The portrait is all over the world and here in Brasília. Everyone saw what’s happening. Some want immediacy, but if you date and get married in a week, your marriage will go wrong”, he concluded.

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