Brazil exceeds 585,000 deaths per covid-19 | Health

Brazil has already lost more than 585,000 people to covid-19
Reproduction: iG Minas Gerais

Brazil has already lost more than 585,000 people to covid-19

With 753 deaths registered in the last 24 hours, Brazil reached 585,174 deaths as a result of covid-19. The moving average of the last seven days continues to fall, closing the day at 466. In the same period, there were 30,891 new positive cases, totaling 20,958,899. The moving average of cases is 18,343.

The data are compiled by the National Council of Health Secretaries. Since the beginning of June last year, the group has been reporting data on the covid-19 pandemic after a confusion with the data released by the Ministry of Health.

São Paulo is the state with the most cases (4,298,180) and deaths (146,828). In the infected statistics, it is followed by Minas Gerais (2,088668), Paraná (1,472,984) and Rio Grande do Sul (1,415,177).

In the ranking of those who lost the most lives, the second place is Rio de Janeiro (63,545). Minas Gerais comes next (53,424), as well as Paraná (37,904) and Rio Grande do Sul (34,400).

According to Johns Hopkins University, 222,695,925 people have already become infected with the new coronavirus. Regarding deaths, 4,602,158 died as a result of covid-19 worldwide, with Brazil being the second country with the highest number of victims of the disease. The university points out that 5,594,079,955 doses of the vaccine have already been applied.