British star detonates Ibra, says Swede has ‘two personalities’ and reveals humiliations in LA Galaxy’s locker room

“He has two personalities.” That’s how Ashley Cole, former left-back of the Chelsea and England, referred to Ibrahimovic in the LA Galaxy.

In an interview with the presenter Romesh Ranganathan, the ex-back detonated the Swede and told some episodes in which Ibra came to humiliate fellow cast members on the American team.

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“There were times when he would walk into the locker room and say ‘your touch sucks, you can’t run, you’re too slow,’ but in front of the media, his personality changed,” he began by stating Ashley Cole.

And the Englishman opened the game about the time Ibrahimovic grew his voice for him, tempers soared and almost the two of them actually came to blows in the locker room at the LA Galaxy.

“He tried it once, threw his hands in the air and I said ‘put your f*** down’, I’m serious, really. I thought ‘you may be right’, but don’t raise your hands.”

Ashley Cole was part of the squad of the American club in 2018, when Ibrahimovic arrived in the league and had a remarkable passage on the lawns and collected moments, some controversial, outside of them.

The English side ended his career in the 2018-19 season after spending time at Derby County. For the English team, the player played three times in the world Cup (2002, 2006 and 2010), in addition to twice the european cup (2004 and 2012).