Britto Jr predicted Leifert’s departure from Globo in a video of 1 month ago

The announcement of Tiago Leifert’s departure from Globo network caught everyone off guard, except Britto Jr. It turns out that the former A Fazenda presenter, in a video from a month ago, had already predicted the departure of the former BBB commander of the leader of court hearing.

In the video, he also commented that Globo sees Tiago Leifert as a wild card professional, ready for any kind of attraction, however Leifert would be tired of being treated as a “luxury reserve”, as Britto himself called it.


“He’s a smart guy, he has several attributes, he’s a journalist. Soon he will be bothered by presenting the BBB and being seen as this wild card, this luxury reserve, by Globo. He will need, because this is the logic of the human being and the communication professional, an attraction in which he can put all his tools to use. He’s not taking it from the inside anymore, he’s about to say that to Globo,” said Britto.

had wrong prediction

In the same video the ex-Record ventured another prediction, but in this one he was wrong. He assured that Tiago would be in charge of Big Brother Brazil until 2022, however, Globo revealed last Thursday (9/9) that the presenter will end his activities on December 23 this year, when the final of the tenth season takes place. from The Voice Brasil.

Britto Jr is known for making his prophecies on his Youtube channel, and with Marcos Mion, he was also right. Months before Mion was hired by Globo, the journalist predicted that he would leave Record and would have his debut in the plim plim.

After the station’s official announcement, Leifert left a statement in his Instagram post to thank and celebrate his more than 15 years of career at Globo:

“There comes a time in every young person’s life when he needs to leave his parents’ house and face the world. In my personal life I’ve obviously been through this moment, my hair (or lack of it) doesn’t lie: I’m 41 years old, married and a father. In professional life… that moment has arrived. In December I will say goodbye to the house I love. The idea of ​​changing my life is not new and I started discussing it with Globo last year. As there was no rush, we agreed to talk again towards the end of my contract”, he said.

In an emotional statement, Boninho also left his affection for the presenter:

“Dear Tiago, you know that I respect your decision very much, but this one sees you soon has to be brief! You were a mega partner in all the projects we did together, Zero1, Voice, É De Casa, Central da Copa, Dança dos Famosos and finally, our BBB. A beautiful phenomenon that has had unforgettable seasons with you. A partnership that turned into friendship, respect and admiration. Even knowing that we will have an entire Voice ahead of us, the project that started our journey, I confess that I already miss it. But that’s okay, because we’re going to continue with our lunches, our chats and exchanges of ideas. With a heavy heart, thank you for everything, my friend”.