Britto Jr predicted the presenter’s departure a month earlier

The announcement of Tiago Leifert’s departure from Globo, after 15 years at the station, took many people by surprise. However, one person was not perplexed by the news: presenter Britto Jr, who was hired by RecordTV and presented “A Fazenda” for several seasons.

In a video published on his YouTube channel last month, Britto analyzed the hiring of Marcos Mion by the Rio station, and took the opportunity to say what he thought about Leifert’s permanence in the program: according to him, the presenter of “BBB ” and “The Voice Brasil” would be tired of being treated as a “luxury reserve”.

He’s a smart guy, he has several attributes, he’s a journalist. Soon he will be bothered by presenting the BBB and being seen as this wild card, this luxury reserve, by Globo. He will need, because this is the logic of the human being and the communication professional, an attraction in which he can put all his tools to use. He’s not taking it inside anymore, he’s about to say that to Globo.

In the same video, Britto said that Leifert would stay on Globo until the next edition of “BBB”. However, the announcement made by the network stated that the presenter will stay until December, when the season of “The Voice Brasil” ends; with that, he won’t be in front of the reality show, one of the channel’s flagships.

The new 2022 presenters of “Big Brother Brasil” and “The Voice Brasil” are yet to be defined, but Globo is already working with possible three names to take on at least “BBB” as of the next season, which begins in January.

Through social networks, the presenter said that the doors are not closed, but that he wants to tread this new professional path outside the channel he has worked for over a decade.

There comes a time in every young person’s life when he needs to leave his parents’ house and face the world. In my personal life I’ve obviously been through this moment, my hair (or lack of it) doesn’t lie: I’m 41 years old, married and a father. In professional life… this moment has arrived, wrote Leifert on Instagram

Recently, after a new conversation and with the idea fully mature, I communicated my decision to Globo. It’s been almost 16 years as an employee. […] Making the decision to leave was extremely difficult, but that’s what I want right now. And I’m sure I can come back one day,” he added.