Café: New York and London close with devaluation, with an eye on the rain and…

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The Arabica coffee futures market closed the quotations this Thursday (9) again with lows for the main contracts on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Future US).

December/21 had a drop of 275 points, worth 187.45 cents/lbp, March/22 had a devaluation of 270 points, worth 190.20 cents/lbp, May/22 had a low of 265 points, quoted at 191.20 cents/ lbp and july/22 had a drop of 260 points, worth 191.85 cents/lbp.

In London, the conilon type coffee also had a devaluation day. November/21 registered a decrease of US$ 28 per ton, worth US$ 2050, January/22 had a decrease of US$ 11 per ton, quoted at US$ 2038, March/22 had a devaluation of US$ 7 per ton, worth US$ 1987 and May/22 had a low of US$ 8 per ton, worth US$ 1969.

According to the international analysis of the website Barchart, prices fell again in response to the numbers of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) released yesterday. The ICO did not provide a figure for the deficit projected for next season, but raised its surplus estimate for 2020/21 from 2.30 million bags to 2.6 million bags, mainly due to a lower consumption projection. + ICO sees global deficit in the coffee market in 2021/22.

In Brazil, market analyst Haroldo Bonfá, from Pharos Consultoria, attributed the lows to the advance of rains in the Southeast of Brazil. Forecasts by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) indicated, this Thursday morning, the trend of advancing rains for São Paulo.

The coffee market is waiting for the rains to return to understand the impact of the prolonged drought and the three frosts recorded in July in Brazil, but it is important to emphasize, however, that an uninterrupted rain in the coffee park would bring more problems for the 2022 crop . + Coffee: “The big harvest in 2022 will not exist as expected”, comments Cooxupé

In Brazil, the physical market followed and registered lows in the main commercialization centers in the country.

Type 6 hard drink bica had a drop of 0.46% in Guaxupé/MG, traded for R$1,082.00, Poços de Caldas/MG had a drop of 0.47%, worth R$1,050.00, Araguarí/MG had a decrease of 0.92%, quoted at R$ 1,080.00, Varginha/MG registered a decrease of 1.37%, worth R$ 1,080.00, Campos Gerais/MG had a decrease of 1.74%, worth R 1,073, 00 and Franca/SP had a decrease of 0.90%, worth R$ 1,100.00.

The peeled cherry type had an increase of 1.05% in Guaxupé/MG, worth R$1,152.00, Poços de Caldas/MG had a decrease of 0.42%, worth R$1,190.00, Varginha/MG had a decrease of 1 .33%, worth R$ 1,110.00 and Campos Gerais/MG ended with a write-off of 1.65%, worth R$ 1,133.00.

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