Cantillo ‘some’ after the arrival of reinforcements at Corinthians and already has the longest absence in the year

The defensive midfielder Victor Cantillo “disappeared” from Corinthians after the arrivals of the reinforcements of Giuliano and Renato Augusto to the alvinegro midfield. Even though the second started in only one opportunity and is still looking for his best physical form, it was enough for the Colombian not even to take the field in the last five games.

Vetoed by the medical department in the first of the duels, the derby against Santos, at Vila Belmiro, he has been available since the 3-1 victory over Ceará, but has not taken the field at any time.

During this period, Roni scored and provided assistance, Gabriel established himself as the team’s first defensive midfielder and Sylvinho opted for the entries of Xavier and Vitinho in specific situations during the sequence of matches.

In the last match, against Juventude, the coach preferred to finish the match with three substitutions to make and needing to score a goal, leaving Cantillo and some others sitting watching the match.

The disappearance draws even more attention because Cantillo was practically the reason for Corinthians’ first formation in the tournament to have Gabriel and Roni in front of him, protecting the Colombian in midfield.

From key in the first formation to disposable, the player has been training mainly as a double for Renato Augusto, exercising the same function as the number 8 shirt in the reserve team.

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