Carille’s arrival gives new breath to the boy Angelo in Santos – 10/09/2021

The arrival of coach Fábio Carille gives new respite to Santos’ younger players, who lost ground to Fernando Diniz, who was fired from the club last weekend. Especially for Angelo, an attacker with potential, but little explored by the former coach.

According to the UOL Sport, Carille has good plans for this “Boy from the Village”. In addition to videos, the coach also heard good things about the player. The expectation is that he will be more active in the second stage of the games, as Marcos Guilherme and Braga should be kept in the wings while Marinho does not return.

In addition to Angelo, the new coach at Santos also welcomes the permanence of defender Kaiky and midfielder Pirani on the team. Both caught Carille’s attention in her quick study before landing in Baixada Santista.

The reinforcements less used by Diniz, such as Danilo Boza, Moraes and Vinicius Zanocelo, may also gain new chances. Initially, the Santos coach intends to rotate the squad to get to know his players more closely in action on the field.

The fish coach’s idea is to mix the title holders with some “Boys from the Village”, so that the more experienced ones leverage the football of the younger ones. Besides, it doesn’t intend to change a lot in the structure of the team, nor improvise players.

a challenge to carille, however, is to adapt the team to new hires, such as Velázquez, Tardelli he the Baptist, in addition to the players who are returning from injury, which are the cases of Luiz Felipe, madson and Marine.

“I like to follow the base, possibly I’ll be very close following the day-to-day. Experienced players have already given me information that can add a lot. Many boys that I like a lot. I believe it will be a very cool mix to make a better Santos”, he said Carille in her presentation at Santos.

“When there was the survey, we looked for information, we watched videos and many boys please me a lot. I think it will be a really cool mix for these experts to empower young people to make Santos better,” he added.

Carille will still need to convince Santos with results. The team, at the moment, is experiencing a drama in the Brazilian Championship, as it occupies the 14th position in the competition table, with just 22 points. Just four points from the relegation zone.

The coach’s debut will be this Saturday (11), against Bahia, in Vila Belmiro, at 9 pm (GMT), for the 20th round of the Brazilian competition.