Carmen Lúcia votes against deadline for Lira to decide on Bolsonaro’s impeachment process | Policy

The minister is the rapporteur of a request presented in April by federal deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP), which has already been denied.

An appeal to that decision was being analyzed by the virtual plenary of the Court. However, this analysis was interrupted by a prominent request from Minister Ricardo Lewandowski. This means that the appeal will be analyzed in a face-to-face session of the Supreme Court. The date has not yet been set.

In her vote, the minister highlighted that the law does not provide for a deadline for analysis of the impeachment request by the Chamber.

“The absence of a deadline, in the specific law, for the requests presented to be considered, does not authorize the regular processing of this constitutional action due to the absence of the presuppositions placed in the system”, he highlighted.

Parties, parliamentarians and entities file a request for Bolsonaro's impeachment in the Chamber

Parties, parliamentarians and entities file a request for Bolsonaro’s impeachment in the Chamber

Also according to the minister, “it’s up to him [presidente da Câmara] analyze, under the terms of current legislation, the legal and political data that provide, or not, the start of valid processing of the presented claim”.

“The imposition of a deadline, by the Judiciary Branch, for carrying out the intended act (analysis of the accusations presented to determine the responsibility of the President of the Republic), would tarnish the principle of separation of Powers”, he added.

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