Case of babies swapped in 2002 uncovered now

It could have been the central narrative of a soap opera, but it’s a real-life affair. DTwo babies were exchanged in 2002 in a public hospital in San Milán, Rioja, Spain. The case was discovered now, after nearly 20 years.

The discovery was made by one of the girls, currently 19, who discovered the error thanks to a DNA test. The two babies will have been born five hours apart and both with little weight, having been placed after birth in incubators. It was at this stage that the change of identity took place.

According to the local newspaper La Rioja, the young woman who became aware of the case, whose name was not revealed, is seeking compensation of three million euros from the Ministry of Health for the damage caused. The young woman grew up in a complicated family environment, which gave rise to the DNA tests that ended up unraveling the exchange.

She was raised by her grandmother, who is now known not to be her biological family member. The first suspicions arose in 2017, after the alleged mother sued her ex-partner for not taking care of her alleged daughter. The disputes ended in a DNA test that revealed the man was not the teenager’s father. In view of this result, analyzes were also carried out on the mother, with the same result.

Upon turning 16, the young woman hired a lawyerto take the case to court. The investigation by the Sanitary Inspection of La Rioja concluded that the babies had in fact been exchanged. Right now,two legal proceedings related to the case are ongoing. One, under the responsibility of the Public Ministry, which intends to defend the rights of minors and correct the affiliation process.

The plaintiff’s case is also ongoing, claiming three million euros in compensation. The other family involved in the exchange has yet to comment.

The hospital where the exchange took place was demolished in 2009.

September 8, 2021