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Unknown to the general public, Thiago Arancam hasn’t even debuted at the Show dos Famosos and already dreams of the final. This Thursday (9), the tenor shared the desire to be the zebra in the dispute of Domingão with Huck and showed confidence to win the title of champion of the season.

“Certainly, I’ll see myself in the final! There’s no such thing with me, I go in to win the game. It’s always been like that in competitions, operas and awards that I’ve accumulated throughout my career. I see myself in the final and I see myself as champion, optimism is what moves us,” said Arancam in an interview with Gshow.

According to the ex-affair of Paula Fernandes, participating in the dispute led by Luciano Huck is an opportunity to launch his image beyond the universe of opera. “I will be able to show other facets of my singing and interpretation, it will be a milestone,” he declared.

“One of the biggest challenges will be interpreting singers and styles that are not part of my artistic daily life. What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t transform you, so I’m ready to overcome this and to make the best possible presentation,” added the tenor.

Like the other participants in the dispute, the singer and actor reinforced that the challenge takes him out of his comfort zone and that, if possible, he intends to honor some representative of classical music. “I will have to overcome myself, learn, improve and have the quality that the honoree has,” he pointed out.

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