Chris Hemsworth shows impressive physique in training for Rescue 2

After creating a course based on your training to live the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth released a video preparing to return to the role of Tyler Rake in the sequel to Rescue. With a monstrous physique, the star showed step by step his new routine – check it out below:

Preparing for the sequel to Rescue, from Netflix. Transitioning from heavy weight training to more functional body weight movements focused on agility, strength and speed. Test this workout and make your lungs beg for mercy. 3 minutes of boxing (cardio); 50 squats (bottom); 40 sit thrusts (mobility); 20 repetitions of each exercise for the abdomen; 25 push-ups (upper arm); rest 2 minutes. Total of 4 series

The film, produced by Russian brothers, directors of Avengers: Infinite War and Ultimatum, has a script for joe russian and direction of Sam Hargrave. Check out the official synopsis:

Fearless mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) has nothing to lose when he is recruited to rescue the son of an international crime boss. The boy has been kidnapped. The father is under arrest. The sinister underworld of arms and drug traffickers makes the mission nearly impossible. But one thing is certain: after that, Rake and the boy will never be the same.

Rescue is now available on Netflix. The sequel is currently written by the Russian Brothers, with no release forecast at the moment.