Connect SUS: learn how to issue the vaccination certificate against Covid

With the advancement of technology, the Unified Health System (SUS) has also benefited. In this sense, the application Connect SUS was created to make life easier for citizens who need public hospitals to deal with their most varied issues. And did you know that it is possible to issue a Covid-19 vaccination certificate through this tool?

With the Connect SUS app, a lot of information will be at your disposal at any time.  (Ministry of Health/Reproduction)With the Connect SUS app, a lot of information will be at your disposal at any time. (Ministry of Health/Reproduction)Source: Ministry of Health

Connect SUS: learn more about the Brazilian health system’s free app

The coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise in the first quarter of 2020. Gradually, the information was arriving and making people more knowledgeable about the subject. Despite this, as the months passed, the population realized that it was not a simple matter and that we would hardly get out of this situation without a vaccine.

Laboratory scholars spread across numerous countries did not measure their efforts to seek answers about this highly contagious virus that was spreading rapidly. In this sense, scientists researched hard how everything happened so that they could finally develop an effective vaccine.

The worldwide vaccination plan started with great anticipation. In Brazil, a good part of the population has already been vaccinated. And now, with the Connect SUS app, all those who want to issue the National Certificate of Vaccination against Covid-19 will be able to do so without major complications.

The idea is that the digital certificate is used whenever necessary, taking into account that it is much easier to load the file in the smartphone application than to always have the physical document in hand. The software is available for users of Android as well as iOS operating systems.

Step by step for issuing the vaccination certificate

First of all, have your cell phone in your hands. Go to the official app store for your operating system and then search for “Connect SUS”. Possibly, the first application that will show up as available is the one that should be installed. Follow standard system procedure and download.

To login to the application, you must be registered in the Federal Government system. The accreditation process is quite simple, you just need to inform a common email or your CPF number. This can be done directly from the app’s page, without the need to access another website.

(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)Source: Ministry of Health

After logging in, keep in mind that to issue the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 you must have already taken all the doses recommended by the Ministry of Health. In addition, the system may take up to 10 working days after date of vaccination to be updated, making available all the data necessary for the issue to be successfully completed.

According to what the Ministry of Health released, the data that the application makes available are sent by the National Health Data Network (RNDS). If this is not done instantly at the time of vaccination, it is necessary to request the state or municipal health department in your city, that the information be sent to the specific competences.

If you still can’t find your Covid-19 vaccine doses in the Connect SUS app, check the “Talk to Conecta SUS” field and write down all the details of the problem you’re having.

Within the app, two different types of documents can be issued. The first one is the specific certificate of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)Source: Ministry of Health

In the tab dedicated to “Vaccines”, located in the side menu, you can view all information about immunizing agents, such as lot and manufacturer, as well as place and date of application of doses. If this is checked, just follow up with your request, clicking on Certificate of Vaccination — remembering that this option will only appear if all doses have already been applied.

(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)Source: Ministry of Health

The system will automatically issue the certificate in a QR Code, which can be saved in PDF in Portuguese, English and Spanish. To do this, click on the flag of the country representing the respective languages.

The second document is the vaccination card, which can also be obtained from the “Vaccines” tab. Basically, follow the same steps, and have your digital immunization card at your disposal.

(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)(Ministry of Health/Reproduction)Source: Ministry of Health

And beware: it is important to always keep the application up to date on your device so that no problems arising from this will happen. The covid-19 vaccination certificate may be requested on several occasions, including international travel. For this reason, be sure to send it for free through Conecta SUS!