Converted, Thomaz Costa throws marijuana down the toilet: “Free”

Last Wednesday night (8th), actor Thomaz Costa threw the marijuana he had at home down the toilet. Converted, the young man showed a sequence of videos of the moment on his Instagram profile, as well as a photo.

“As for the old way of life, you were taught to put off the old man, who is corrupted by deceitful desires, to be renewed in your way of thinking, and to put on the new man, created to be like God in righteousness and in holiness from the truth. Ephesians 4:22-24. I AM FREE,” he wrote in a publication caption.

According to him, the decision came about because of his conversion to Christianity. Known for his involvement in controversies, Thomaz is now trying to change his image in front of the public.

The content received a number of comments, including from famous people, who sent positive messages. “Up, brother!!!”, wrote Lucas Viana. “I love your life brother! Jesus has something big for you! And you know it!”, vibrated Guilherme Batista. “That’s it boy,” left Julia Schiavi.

Converted, Thomaz Costa throws marijuana down the toilet:

Thomaz Costa exposes hater and moves away from social media

The young man, a participant in Ilha Record, exposed a hater on his profile on the same social network, which has been sending hate messages. In addition, he added that he would be away for a period.

Through the function of stories, the famous shared prints with the messages sent. In view of the negative content, the social network even excluded the posts made by the artist, who lamented: “Instagram excluded the story (rightly). The things that a human being likes to say shouldn’t circulate! Soon I’ll be back to talk to you about… I’m in my moment”.