Cruzeiro makes a partnership, and Arena do Jacaré becomes Arena Buser by the end of 2021

Raposa and charter bus company partner to rename Sete Lagoas stadium, which will host Cruzeiro matches this season

After signing a sponsorship with Cruzeiro, Buser extended its partnership with the club and announced that it will also sponsor the revitalization of the Arena do Jacaré, where at least the team’s next two matches will be held in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship, in front of Ponte Black and Worker.

The Minas Gerais startup, which is facing a battle in the state Legislative Assembly over a law that could prevent miners from using charter buses, is investing in improving the lawn and the general structure of the stadium in Sete Lagoas, in the interior of Minas Gerais. . In return, the brand gains the right to rename the stadium, which from now on will be called Arena Buser.

To arrive at the new name, Buser and Cruzeiro carried out an action on Twitter in recent days asking for the participation of fans. The poll featured three pre-selected names: Toca Buser, Arena Busão Livre and Arena Buser. The most voted was the third.

“We are very happy with this partnership, which is only growing. We spent days and days thinking here: how could we unite the team with a crowd that is so passionate? That was how the idea of ​​supporting the renovation of the stadium in Sete Lagoas was born. We want to make Cruzeiro continue to grow and win the fans’ hearts,” said Buser CEO and co-founder Marcelo Abritta.

Director of Marketing and Innovation at Raposa, Rodrigo Moreira also valued the partnership: “Buser has been a great partner of Cruzeiro and agreed to develop this partnership with us for the games in Sete Lagoas. Our intention is to get closer and integrate. more and more with our fans, as we are at a key moment in the pursuit of our goal, which is to return to Serie A next year,” he highlighted.

The change in the name of the stadium starts to take effect next Saturday (11), when Raposa will play against Ponte Preta, for the B series of the Brazilian Championship. In addition to the reform, Buser also plans to launch other actions, such as a draw for tickets for the games. Naming rights are valid until the end of the year.

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