Cruzeiro studies sending more matches at Arena do Jacaré, and matches against Ponte and Operário will be a thermometer | cruise

Cruzeiro is evaluating the possibility of sending more Serie B matches at Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas. Confirmation is from the president of Raposa, Sérgio Santos Rodrigues. The games against Ponte Preta (this Saturday) and Operário (16th) will serve as a “thermometer” for the definition.

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+ Meeting between clubs and PBH releases the public in the stadiums

Present at the meeting with the Belo Horizonte City Hall, in which the public’s return to the capital’s stadiums was discussed, the president of Raposa mentioned that the financial part weighs in the choice. Acting at Arena do Jacaré is cheaper than at Mineirão. Against Confiança, the team lost.

– I don’t need to lie that the cost in Mineirão is expensive. As they have to open a stadium for 30%, we even had a very expensive ticket complaint in the last game. Let’s see how the fans will receive, will accept this game there in Sete Lagoas.

Sérgio Santos Rodrigues Cruzeiro — Photo: Guilherme Frossard

In addition to the financial part, Cruzeiro will also observe the issue of the lawn at the Arena do Jacaré. The club, for almost two weeks, has been trying to recover the playing field, which was not in good condition.

– Of course, general conditions, the state of the pitch, but it will be a sporting and financial aspect that will be analyzed for the games ahead. But, for sure, the next two games will be in Sete Lagoas – guaranteed the manager.

Also aiming at the matches it will host at Arena do Jacaré, the stadium will be renamed in an agreement between Cruzeiro and Buser, the club’s sponsor. According to the ge, the change will start to take effect this Saturday, against Ponte Preta.

The agreement, according to the Minas Gerais club, will be based on the “counterpart” model. The startup from Minas Gerais won the right to naming rights by being responsible for the investment in improving the pitch and in the stadium’s general structure.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity