Cruzeiro: Z Eduardo’s father demands his son’s return to training with the group

(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro)

the attacker’s father Z Edward questioned the technician Vanderlei Luxembourg about the use of the child in training with the rest of the team. cruise. In response to a post by the coach on social media this Friday, Eduardo Andrade asked how long the player’s physical preparation will take.

“Very well, great coach. We just want to know how long Z Eduardo’s physical preparation will last, as it’s been a month and he hasn’t started training with the team yet to fight for his opportunity. We trust you to return to the elite. of football”, published Eduardo Andrade.
Luxa’s post was aimed at the Celeste fans, who will return to the stadium in the match this Saturday, at 11 am, against Ponte Preta, at Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas. The coach spoke about the fan’s preferences and that he understands each situation, but needs to ‘make decisions’.

“I know you have your preferences with players who will take the field, this business of using one, using another, this is all part of the football context. I understand this very well, but the coach has to make decisions and, just Sometimes, not the one that everyone likes,” he explained.

Less than three hours after the message was posted, Z Eduardo’s father deleted the tweet. O supersports he sought out Cruzeiro, who preferred not to comment on the post.

Z Eduardo is doing physical preparation work and has not yet been called to work with the rest of the professional group by the technical committee.

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In 2020, the forward stood out with the shirts of Villa Nova, in the Minas Gerais Championship, and of Amrica-RN, in Copa do Brasil and Serie D. He scored nine goals in 11 games for these clubs.

With good numbers, Cruzeiro integrated the athlete into the group, but Z Eduardo didn’t get space and was only used for 15 minutes of the 0-0 draw against Oeste, away from home, for the 15th round of Series B in 2020.