Delta is already responsible for 80% of covid cases in the city of SP

The delta variant of the coronavirus is already responsible for 80% of covid-19 cases in the city of São Paulo. The information has already been confirmed by the municipality’s Health Secretary, Edson Aparecido, in an interview with CNN Brasil.

“We have received confirmation of positive sequencing of the delta variant in the city of 843 more cases. This means that we already have more than 80% of the prevalence in the city of the delta variant,” the secretary said.

Edson Aparecido, however, stated that the variant is still not significantly impacting the number of hospitalizations. According to him, the city is closely monitoring symptomatic cases.

For now, we still don’t feel this impact on hospitalizations, so much so that we resume consultations and elective surgeries”.
Edson Aparecido, Municipal Health Secretary of São Paulo

The occupancy rate in the ICUs of São Paulo is 50%. According to today’s data, there are 1,852 people hospitalized in municipal, state and private hospitals in the city of São Paulo.

The secretary also made a reminder that the pandemic is not over and that the concern with the spread of the variant is fundamental. “If any sanitary measure needs to be taken, we will take it, just as we have taken it other times.”