Deolane Bezerra exposes truths about MC Kevin’s death and vents: “influenceable”

Last Monday, 06, Deolane Calf recalled the day of the death of her husband, MC Kevin, who died at age 23, after falling off the balcony of a hotel that was staying in May 2020.

In your report, Deolane Calf revealed that he spoke with the funkeiro’s mother, Valquíria Nascimento, before the trip to Rio de Janeiro. She stated that she asked him several times not to perform at a concert he was hired on the night of his death.

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“On the day we went to Rio, I told her: ‘I have a really bad feeling, Val.’ And she said: ‘Go, because if you are my son, come back’. Only I thought because it was forbidden to dance. When they hired Kevin, I said: ‘Life, don’t go, we’ll get ready here’, and he said: ‘No, I have to pay the bills’. […] I went with him and he didn’t come back. I came back alone and he in a coffin”, recalled Deolane Bezerra.

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Deolane reveals that at the time she was ready to go to sleep, when the MC’s friends called him. The lawyer also pointed out that Kevin was very influenceable, for he was still young and beginning to have fame and money.

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“I know how influential Kevin was, he was very young. It is very difficult for a boy who came out of extreme poverty, at the age of 22, to have a wife, money, car, club, everything at his disposal right there in front of him, it is very difficult to say no”, she said.