DF has the most expensive gasoline in the country, says Confaz – News

The Federal District has the most expensive common gasoline in Brazil, according to the new table of Weighted Average Prices for the Final Consumer (PMPF) of fuels, published this Friday (10) in the Official Gazette (DOU). According to the ratio, the average value of a liter of fuel will be R$ 6.5990 in the federal capital as of September 16th. As a trend across the country, there was a drop in price, compared to the last survey, on August 25, when regular gasoline was sold at R$ 6.3640 in the DF.

The new table points out that the fuel with the lowest PMPF in Brazil is sold in Amapá, where the value is R$ 5.1770 per liter. The price is also lower than in the last survey, when regular gasoline cost R$ 5.1430.

The PMPF is used as a basis for calculating the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), released every two weeks by the National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz). The index does not set prices at the gas station’s fuel pump.

The table shows the reference prices for regular gasoline, premium gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), aviation kerosene, ethanol, natural gas for vehicles (CNG), industrial natural gas and fuel oil. To see the publication of the table in the DOU, click here.

According to the new table, the other four Federation Units with the highest gasoline prices in the country were Acre (BRL 6.5496), Rio de Janeiro (BRL 6.5130), Rio Grande do Norte (BRL 6.3316) and Minas Gerais (BRL 6.2521).

The states with the lowest fuel prices were Amapá (BRL 5,1770), Paraná (BRL 5.3400), Santa Catarina (BRL 5.5300), Roraima (BRL 5.6310) and Mato Grosso do Sul ( BRL 5.6424).