Dog does not leave an unconscious elderly woman with hypothermia for 40 hours and is detected by thermal camera in drone

A puppy’s attitude made all the difference for a 93-year-old elderly woman with dementia who lay unconscious in a rice field during the heavy rains that hit South Korea in late August. According to local authorities, she was two kilometers from home, accompanied only by her dog, when she became unconscious. As the plantation was very high, search teams could not see it with the naked eye. Thus, the police had to use heat-sensing drones that eventually managed to detect the presence of the animal, called Baekgu. Afterwards, it was verified that, as he remained by his mistress’s side all the time, the puppy kept her body at a sufficient temperature, making it impossible for her health to deteriorate. The information is from the “Korea Times” portal.

Dog received tribute from the local government after saving his wife
Dog received tribute from the local government after saving his owner Photo: Emissora SBS / Reproduction

“Baekgu was a stray dog ​​and became part of our family when we saved him from another dog’s attacks three years ago,” said the lady’s daughter, identified only by her surname Shim. – I am very grateful. Looks like he returned our favor.

To celebrate the outcome of the operation, the government of South Chungcheong Province paid tribute to Baekgu on Monday, as he became South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog.

According to the local press, the old woman’s daughter was the one who reported her mother’s disappearance after not being able to contact her. Police then analyzed footage from local security cameras and saw that the elderly woman left the village where she lives early in the morning. Search actions were carried out for two days, without any progress in the investigation. The lady’s location could only be determined from the use of a thermal camera, which identified a small sign of heat emanating from the dog. As the victim’s temperature dropped sharply and it was raining heavily, the device was unable to detect her presence. As soon as she was seen, the elderly woman was taken to a hospital to recover from hypothermia.

The possibility of offering honorary titles to animals that play an important role in saving lives was formalized in April by the National Firefighters Agency.