Dr. Jairo · I have ADHD and I suffer from forgetfulness problems; do you have any relationship?

“Doctor, I’m 17 years old and I suffer from ADHD. Every now and then, I have forgetfulness issues and I forget about recent things. Could it be the inconvenience?”

This is a very important question. First, ADHD is the acronym used for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it is a more common condition than we think.

About 4% of children and adolescents may have some level of ADHD and often symptoms persist into adulthood. According to surveys, on average 2% of adults may have signs of the disorder.

With this frame, normally, people have difficulties with attention, concentration and impulsivity.. Thus, those who have the diagnosis can often take on risky situations for having more impulsiveness or not being able to perform as much in a relationship or at work due to lack of focus, attention and patience.

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Here are ten ADHD symptoms in adults

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Without focus it’s harder to remember

That way, when we don’t have a lot of attention and concentration,it may be more difficult to retain the information. and when we need to access them again, they are more complicated to retrieve.

Therefore, some people with ADHD who mainly have difficulty with attention and concentration, may have memory problems for things that have occurred recently.

Older events, perhaps, are stored somewhere and linked to affective and emotional issues, making it easier to retrieve this information. But the most recent and day-to-day issues where the individual was unable to stay focused they can be harder to be “remembered”.

The recommendation is look for a health professional – neurologist or psychiatrist – able to assess the intensity of symptoms and think together with the patient about strategies to improve focus, attention and, by extension, improve memory.